Ellsworth Storey Cottages

The Ellsworth Storey Cottages are an "excellent example of charming design and fine detailing in a contemporary manner far in advance of its time.There is a fitting, almost indigenous quality in their simple wooden forms as they appear to ramble up the wooded hillside."

-Victor Steinbrueck, in Seattle Cityscape, 1962.

Located next to Colman Park, "these are textbook examples of the elegant coordination of modest materials. These cottages, together with the Evans house and the two Storey houses, have been most influential for later designers, perhaps because, in their fresh underivative forms and their thoughtfully imaginative use of simple local materials, they have been seen as Storey's most original interpretations of the nature of building in the Puget Sound region." Grant Hildebrand, in Shaping Seattle Architecture: A Historical Guide to the Architects, Jeffrey K. Ochsner, ed., 1994

In 1959, the Washington State Chapter of the American Institute of Architects cited Storey's cottages for their 'fine scale, . . . excellent proportion, . . . simple direct use of local materials and . . .skillful site planning.' In 1976, the Ellsworth Storey Cottages Historic District was created and the buildings were placed on the National Register of Historic Places." by Susan Haas, UW Art History student, 1983

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